Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adebayor: No Regrets For Goal Celebration Against Arsenal

'Ade' believes he was right.

Emmanuel Adebayor has cranked up the volume ahead of the League Cup tie between Manchester City and Arsenal, explaining that he believes that he was right in celebrating the way he did after scoring against Arsene Wenger's men.

The striker still believes he did nothing wrong after running the length of the pitch and celebrating with fans of the Eastlands club, when he scored against the Gunners in a previous encounter between the two sides.

"I guess it was the way I felt treated that made me react the way I did after scoring that goal," Adebayor is quoted in The Mirror as saying.

"I did feel very hurt. I had been so excited to play against my old team-mates, but they didn’t want to shake my hand in the tunnel and then I heard the fans singing about my parents.

"After that, I had no choice. I can’t go into the crowd with them and start shouting, so I thought the best response would be to score."

He added: "Luckily, I managed to do just that and then the emotions took over, although I had calmed down before I got to them.

"It was just my way of saying, 'You let me go. See, I am not as terrible a player as you thought I was!'"

The League Cup tie is scheduled to take place in two weeks' time.


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